Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Dear Mama

Where was this photographer when I was a baby?

It is not accidental that I had this photo on hand when I noticed the similarity between the boys' smiles and Heather's infant smile.

This is quite possibly my favorite photo.


It makes me soooo jealous that there is no similar image of you holding me! The sweetness in Heather's hapless grin, the obvious smitten-ness on your face. Every time there is a photo taken of me and the boys, I aspire to that kind of single-minded adoration.

Also, may I mention how very fetching you look?

Hot Mama! Sweet sunglasses!

Do you still have those? I'm digging them.

When I was going to my lamaze classes, they told us to select images to take with us - to focus on during labor. An 'eyes on the prize' sort of thing.

Guess which image I chose?

Another photo I just love

2 week old Max must have done something reeeeaaallly hystrical!

I think this says everything about the fun we had while you were here and your sense of humor and general laid-backness about the boys - which really helped me keep my feet under me after you left.

I appreciate you making me get out and about that crisp afternoon - even if it was only to the park next door. I needed to find my boundaries and expand them.

Or risk being a shut in my entire maternity leave. Megh! That would have been awful!

I do blame you for the mental list I had every day that was my measure of success... it was a love/hate thing - but necessary for me to stay motivated.

Breakfast? Check! Contact Lenses? Check! Pee? Check! Shower? Mmmmm... Changed clothes? Check!

And so on...

Also, I cannot watch The Duchess of Duke Street without wishing you were here - which may explain why I had to share it with Dakota... but haven't yet been able to finish the series.

Which brings me to another photo I love

Max love you THHISSS much!

I loved those afternoons of us just hanging out, watching The Duchess - and the boys - and just being together. It was a really special and unique time in our lives, I think, and I wouldn't trade it for anything.


And I want to wish you a very happy birthday.

From one Mama to another.


Jennifer said...

Happy birthday, Breta! :)


Barb said...

A great posting, Alison. I feel like so much has changed and grown in my relationship with my own mommy since my little boy as born. And believe it or not, my mommy's birthday is July 9th. Apparently Cancer's make good mommies. Happy birthday to yours and mine.