Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Take that!

Enough patterns to make your eyes hurt! If you cross your eyes, it's 3-D!

Not much to report here... we went to Vermont last weekend and had a thunderstorm so violent that it knocked out our phone service and may very well have fried our computer!

Not that I was writing many posts in Vermont, but I liked thinking that I could, if I found the time...

The rest of the weekend was just nice and relaxing, just hanging out with the neighbors and pawning my kids off on them. Hehe. Wanna hold a baby? Got a glass of wine?

On our way up, we stopped and saw a cousin of Eugene's who has a newborn (five days old!) She's the same size Max was when he was born and I couldn't believe how tiny she was. It was like holding a feather and it made my sweet four-month-old boys seem like brutes!

The boys are doing great - they had a well baby visit to the Doctor's last week and are - in her words - thriving. 13.5 and 14.6 lbs of luuuuvvvv! Poor niblets had to have shots though, and that was not fun. Not. Fun. At. All.

At the Doctor's office, Max wonders, "Where does that needle go?"
Thomas just continues to enjoy his fist-cicle.

They continue to do funny twin things - cooing at each other, cuddling up in the crib and, believe it or not, sucking on each others' hands. See photo above.

It's odd, but cute.

Apparently, not all twins do these things. I met a woman with nine-month-old twin boys in Central Park a couple of weeks ago and she said that her boys barely acknowledge each other. Not a problem here!

That same day, we had a picnic with a bunch of my friends from work, so the boys got their flirt on with all the lovely ladies.

Max says, "oh yeah, I loves the ladies... the ladies and the thumb... I loves the thumb too..."
Thomas just wants to be left alone with his Margaret. Go away paparazzi!

It was our second picnic in Central Park. It's now my new favorite way of getting together with our friends from downtown. I can't really cart the boys to the East Village (giant stroller and whatnot... not to mention the nasty looks I am guessing we'd get...) but the park is a good compromise.

We'll see how soon everyone gets tired of it.

Any hoo, I have a post on the new season of Project Runway coming soon.

I know! It's crazy that there is a new season right now, right? Yup, I just have to remember to e-mail it to myself.

My three braincells are tired now and must sleep. Glad to see you are having a nice summer!

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Barb said...

I love the photos. Your boys are so damn cute, and they're getting so big. How fast they go from little worms that do nothing to actual little humans with personalities! By the way, Sam has a little onesie made out of that same cowboy fabric that's in the first picture and he's wearing it today. I'll be watching for the Project Runway update. We don't have Bravo where I live now (I know!) and I miss runway and top chef. Wednesdays just aren't the same. And Heather, post lots of happy pictures from Colorado in a few weeks. I'll be missing you all very much.