Monday, September 22, 2008

Birthday Wishlist

Best. Birthday presents. Ever.

Here it is again, the time of year when Mom and Dad want to know what I want... and again I don't know how to answer because.... surprise surprise... I feel like I have everything I want!

There are a few things that I have my eye on though, and I am sure that they are pretty telling items.

First, I need a desk. I think about Mom's desk from the breakfast nook, and I can totally understand it now. I want a slant-front secretary that will fit into the space between bookshelves in our foyer. A desk that is big enough for me to sort bills and small enough that I don't let them pile up.

And with a lid that I can close so that no one can see if I have let them pile up.

Look, here's this nice desk from Tar-jay! Only $189.99 and free shipping!

Perhaps, too expensive to expect for a birthday gift, so what, less pricey, things do I want?

Well, mostly I want cute stuff for the boys, because I love dressing them up... so I would like any of these adorable things from BabyGap, or anything similar... because anything with ears is cute on a baby...

Grrr... baby bears! And it comes in two colors!
Can you imagine how cute on their round little heads?

Euge might think this a bit girly... but I think it would be ridiculously adorable. They are growing quick and are wearing 6-9 month sized clothes! We need wardrobe!


I'd also like more mixed CDs - because we wear out the last one you made me driving back and forth to Vermont... I especially like that raspy-voiced song that says 'we belong together... we belong togther...'

It makes me all happy and weepy at the same time. Who is that?

For my last items, I will be ridiculous and splurge-y

Big, but thin, gold hoop earrings:

2" in diameter! GORGEOUS! I just have to remember to take them off before the boys see them and want to grab them to pull me in for kisses...

Or this handbag:

Which is actually quite practical because it is the same as the handbag that I have now and I can it my breast milk pumping supplies in it for work! Hahaha... how our considerations change.

In reality, I am hoping for some extra sleep - courtesy of Eugene, a nice brunch with perhaps some wine or bloody marie's and some friends and a trip to the medieval festival at Fort Tryon Park...

Does it get better than that? Not in my book!

Unless you were here, of course. Then it would be infinitely better.


Anonymous said...

i believe the singer you are referring to is rickie lee jones...she is fabulous and recently moved from our beautiful pacific northwest to chicago! i have been listening to her since the 70's... i work with your mama at windermere and i have lived vicariously thru your wonderful blog for 2 years now...i so admire the both of you and though we have never met i feel so honored to have had the chance to get to know breta's fabulous daughters! i have been meaning to comment so many i just had to answer your open ended inquiry about that song.....thanks for letting me be a peeping thomasina and i so enjoy your adventures! warmly, vicki

Barb said...

I'm going to guess Shannon McNally. Wasn't that a PAMFA pick of yours, Heather? Maybe Pale Moon?

And I'm in agreement on the ears thing. The hats are very, very cute. I might have to look for one of those myself.

Happy Birthday!

Dakota said...

I want to goooo to the Medieval Festival! Have some mead for me please.

And, let's talk about that scrumptious picture of the boys...I'm falling out of my chair because of the cuteness!

Happy Birthday! love you!

Heather said...

Hmm... wow, both Vicki and Barb could be right!! There's a RLJ song (love her!!) called We Belong Together, but Shannon McNally ALSO sings We belong together on Pale Moon! Amazing.

Welcome to the blog VIcki! We're glad to have you.