Sunday, November 02, 2008

Because you can never get enough...

As promised, the boys dressed up in their Halloween costumes for play group.
Halloween quilt made by Carolyn!

Obviously, we were not the only ones with this idea... though I (very impartially, of course) think that the boys were the cutest. I mean they had REAL FEET for their costumes!

Then, on Halloween, they got dressed up again and came to my office...
in their appropriately orange stroller.

They were quite a hit and we tried to art direct a shot that would show just exactly how cute they looked....

But it didn't really quite work out.

Max was confounded by his hood.

Thomas just looked perplexed - maybe it was the ears?

So we went to meet Eugene to go to a Halloween Festival on 69th Street. There were Haunted Houses and whole buildings opened up to trick or treaters... and a guy dressed as Batman hanging off the front of a Brownstone. We thought perhaps Thomas needed a better view.

Haha, Eugene has a monkey on his back! Hee!

All in all, it was a really fun Halloween. Aside from random strangers taking pictures of the boys - PLEASE ASK! I KNOW THEY ARE CUTE, BUT PLEASE ASK!!! IT'S POLITE!!!!

Ahem. It was the first time in years (aside from last year... when I was dressed up as a pregnant lady) that I haven't gone all out on my own costume, but I figure that there will be plenty of time for that when the boys are older.

And I can embarrass them. Bwahahahahaha.


Barb said...

My Sammy spent Halloween in urgent care with pneumonia and RSV (he's fine now, thanks) but I absolutely love experiencing Halloween vicariously through you and your adorable boys. (minus the backache) They are so funny and the looks on their faces are priceless. You make it all seem so easy. I'm sure your Halloween was very fun, but exhausting. Thanks for starting my Monday with big smiles.

Allison said...

Hahahahaha! Wait until my next post. Entiteld 'Single Mommyhood is Not for the Faint of Heart'

Euge left us for the weekend and I had the boys to myself... I thought of you a lot!