Wednesday, December 31, 2008

100 Favorite Things

My two VERY favorite things... naturally.

Well, you did it before... so here I am to end the year with my list of 100 of my favorite things. There are plenty of things that I am sure I missed... but oh well! Here goes...

1. Baby smiles first thing in the morning
2. Pasta puttanesca
3. Red wine
4. Manhattan at night in the rain
5. Body pillows
6. Hand knit socks
7. Big pre-war apartments with gummy moldings and wavy plaster
8. A brand new razor
9. A fifteen minute shower
10. Nibbling on the chubby underside of a baby’s chin
11. Muscat grapes
12. Freshly grated parmesan
13. Tart cherry juice
14. The lull between 7 and 9 PM
15. The first cup of coffee in the morning
16. Unagi
17. A cold beer on a hot day
18. Clean sheets
19. The Hotel Santo Mauro in Madrid
20. Palacio De Santa Paula in Granada
21. The Chhatra Sagar tented camp in India
22. Having a washer/dryer in my apartment
23. Le Creuset cookware
24. Getting a seat on the subway any time of day
25. Babies dressed up as animals
26. Sushi rice
27. A clean shaved head
28. Stealing Eugene’s socks
29. Digital photo frames
30. Egg baby clothes
31. Petite Bateau baby clothes
32. Mustela bath products
33. The view from our bedroom window in Vermont
34. Getting first tracks after a major snowstorm
35. Spring skiing (well, snowboarding really)
36. Swimming
37. Homemade marshmallows
38. My gold bangles from India
39. Hot chocolate
40. The smell of a fresh-cut Christmas tree
41. Any bubble bath from L’Occitane
42. A clean bath tub
43. Fresh, clean, warm towels
44. The way the babies squeal when you are applying their lotion
45. Deadlines
46. The necklace you sent me for Christmas
47. Emmylou Harris
48. Ricky Lee Jones
49. Fresh steamed lobster dripping in butter
50. The Firetruck parade on the Fourth of July
51. A good nap
52. Sleeping in until 8
53. When the babies wrap their arms around my neck
54. Being able to wear high heels again
55. Spanx
56. A fresh manicure
57. The photo album Dad sent me for Christmas
58. My cashmere blankie
59. The hot tub at the Planter
60. Prosecco
61. The white anchovie and soft boiled egg sandwich from ‘wichcraft
62. A roaring fire in the fireplace
63. Our couches
64. Fresh lobster
65. The video of Eugene dropping me at our wedding
66. Autumn leaves
67. Fog
68. Fat baby bellies
69. Johnnie jump-ups
70. Liquid eyeliner
71. The way Dakota arranges everything to look like a vignette
72. Being the only person in the elevator
73. Hearing ‘Ma-ma-ma’ first thing in the morning
74. Xanadu – the musical
75. The earrings I bought in India
76. The ring Eugene bought to match them
77. A black cashmere fitted turtleneck
78. The second cup of coffee
79. Cranberry walnut muffins
80. The posters I did for Dad’s 65th birthday
81. Our holiday card
82. The books I’ve designed
83. The photo of me and the boys from Babytalk Magazine
84. The Wheel of Time Series – I am such a sci-fi nerd
85. Nigella Lawson cookbooks
86. Mark Bittman cookbooks
87. Having a dishwasher
88. Ziploc bags
89. The moment an airplane takes off
90. The top of the rollercoaster
91. Paintings of birds
92. That the boys have my eyes
93. My c-section scar
94. The beach in the winter
95. The boys’ Christmas hats
96. Nell Thorn’s in LaConner
97. Fleur de Sel in NYC
98. Campagna in Seattle
99. Cuddling the babies at night
100. The blog

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Excellent list!