Friday, January 23, 2009

2008 Performance Review - Major (and minor) Accomplishments

#36. Be brave.

I had goals last year. I don't know if you remember that. I forgot it, actually. Kind-of. I had this idea that I never actually got the goals established for last year. I thought I wrote, like, half of them. Typed out a few, lost steam, jotted down a few more later, but just never got it all the way together.

And that was the way 2008 seemed, it would have made sense if that was true about 2008, I thought. Not my finest year.

But I was wrong about the list, at least. The blog doesn't lie (well, in certain ways), there's the list. There are a lot of other things about 2008 too, which is one of the things I love about the blog. I've had a bad attitude about 2008 for too long now, even though there were some stretches of real discomfort. Some of it was related to those days where it just seemed like my feet were always cold and wet, but some of the time was worse, some of the time was lonely and raw, time for hibernation, made better by expensive tea at least.

But even in a bad year, it's like me to end a sentence with something about what makes it all better. The list helps, too, and while not everything on it was accomplished, it was good to be reminded that plenty of things were, so let's take a look, shall we?

#24 Take another ferry trip to Bainbridge. One of my favorite days ever with B

#20. Knit socks for the latest additions to our writing group. February in Zion. Karen L's, I think?

#29. Get back to the ranch for a picture with grown-up Liam. We did get the two of us together, but do I have a copy? No. Silly.

#6. Read all of J.D. Salinger again. Nine Stories at the beach, so good! Didn't get all the books read though...

#1. Hold the twins. Done and done.

#32. Take a secret trip that I can't talk about here yet. There were a few of those in 2008! The photo above is from the trip to see Tami's reading in LA, but there was also the surprise baby shower trip of course!

#2. Stay at Ace Portland again. Extra credit for making it more than once.


cynthia said...

They're my socks! Yay for expensive tea, great hotels and amazing pictures. A good year for sure.

Anonymous said...

Good goals! Not the least bit ordinary. Soooo, got a plan for 2009? I'm thinking it will be a good year. Not an easy one, but a very good one.
You've inspired me to revisit the one I did New Years Day and be more specific.