Saturday, January 31, 2009

When Daddy's Away... Mommy Will Play Dess Up!

It's all quiet here, what with the babies sleeping through the night and all.

Euge is having a boys' weekend snowmobiling, so I am having a boys' weekend hanging out with my boys!

We were going out for brunch with HK, Ada and Thor and I had some adorable t-shirts that we got in the mail as a gift for them to wear.

But they didn't seem quite warm enough, so I pulled out some of our baby sweaters that Mom had sent me... before we knew the boys were boys. Some of them seemed not so girlish, so I put them to use!

The boys may have looked a bit.. umm.. European. But that's okay. I fed them some pommes frites.

Binky...or french fry...binky... or french fry...

Yo, you want some fries wit dat?

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