Monday, February 23, 2009

Are they broken yet?

What? I'm not doing anything?

Not a whole heck of a lot going on here.

I had a dentists appointment today and am REALLY hoping that the boys got Eugene's teeth - straight and impenetrable. Unlike mine - which look all good on the outside, but are actually the fromage suisse..

I had to have two fillings replaced. Not so painful - the drugs are good - but the smell of your teeth being ground down, not to mention the taste in the back of your throat... Nope, I do not wish that on my little boogers.

In the interest of their tooth preservation I 'brush' their teeth (8 each!) every night with little fingertip toothbrushes. It's a pretty funny game. I try to brush and they giggle until they decide to see how hard they can bite my finger.

Then they giggle some more.

It's school application season here in New York. Or rather, school acceptance season. So I have been receiving daily 'advice' on how to prepare the boys for school testing.


All of these funny things are happening to get me in touch with how big they are... How OLD they are... If eleven and a half month old babies can be considered old. Basically, everything conspires to tell me that now is the time when I could start messing them up.

For life.

Okay, maybe not quite yet.

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Heather said...

Nope, don't look too broken yet! Good job, mom!