Friday, March 13, 2009

Metaphors We Live By - Five Senses

Metaphors We Live By is a book Jane Hirshfield mentioned at her reading tonight. She was talking about the senses, and how everything we know is through our senses, and all the metaphor that comes about as a result. It was a perfect little thing, just the kind of serendipity I like, because I had been thinking about what to do for my Five Senses Friday post. Mostly you and I live in a pretty isolated outpost of the internet, Ali, but sometimes I get sucked into the world of a blog I like - Abbey's is one example.

:: Sound ::
Jane Hirshfield last night at Seattle Arts & Lectures
her soft, precise voice, lingering over what is both difficult and sweet

:: Smell ::
powdery citrus in my car, left over from the bath fizz I brought as a present for Kate

:: Sight ::
sunshine all week long
the bright bright moon
words on page

:: Touch ::
elbow-length cashmere gloves
the feel of a scarf on my neck, in the cold

:: Taste ::
my everyday latte
the last macaron of the week


so NOT cool said...

Serendipity is a wonderful thing.

I really enjoyed your list. Five Senses Friday is such a beautiful project and I love reading (and seeing) everyone's sensory experiences.

Have a lovely weekend.

sherri s. said...

A very nice list--I love that you're reading War and Peace; I've been plowing through Proust lately. Nice to revisit--or read for the first time--the classics! And those babies--they are simply gorgeous! I'm doing Five Senses Friday, too--it's fun!

Kate said...

Five senses friday is a great idea. It reminds me of Marie Howe's class on receptivity, where she made us write what we remembered sensing this morning, last night, the night before, and right now. She didn't allow us to use similes or metaphors, which was harder than I thought it would be. In the end I got a bunch of beautiful sentences that told me not too much. Just enough.