Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Nature or Nurture?

It's like you were there!

We had an awesome birthday party for the boys over the weekend - which is a big part of my absentee-ism here lately.

Planning a shindig for 60+ people in your apartment requires a little brain power!

In any case, it was really fun and I think that the boys had a great time - even if they didn't really understand that it was all about them.

They got a ridiculous number of gifts and lots of other kids and babies were there to wish them well... but the best thing about the day was how their individual reactions to the hats and cakes and whatnot really demonstrated how different they are.

They may be identical twins... but they are definitely not the same person.

Cake! Yummy cake!

Thomas - totally willing to ham it up in the hat and eat his cake with some gusto, but with his hands. Max - refuses the hat (in tears) and face plants the cake.

Max refuses the hat. Mean Mommy laughs about it...

We also had their 12 month well-baby visits and they are developing well. Max is 20 lbs. 6 oz. (14+ pounds up from his birthweight) and Thomas is 21 lbs. 12 oz. (15+ pounds up from his birthweight).

Aside from some boogy noses, all in all, I would say we are all doing pretty well.


Heather said...

Where's the crying? I want to see the crying!!

Barb said...

Max's cake sniffing is the best!

Dakota said...

YAAAY! It IS almost like we were there! Joseph wants cake too! Thank you for posting! I'm so happy to see that! They look so cute...I want to smoosh smoosh them!

Heather said...

Oh yes! There's the crying! The crying is so cute!

From here. Henh heh!

Evil auntie!