Sunday, March 08, 2009

What Was Not Boring Today

Some people come with gifts, like, um, hair-braiding skills, or a really good sense of direction, or the ability to make pies. Some people bring gifts, like mix CDs, or good books, or actual pieces of pie. Kate both has gifts and brings gifts. Pie-making and pies. Mail! Which is a precious gift - postcards, little thank you notes. I love mail. She also has a talent for having her photo taken, by moi, as evidenced by the photo above. I don't know how to explain why that photo is one of my favorite photos ever, but it is. I love it. I come back to it, have it as one of the rotating desktops on my computer, and am happy when it comes up.

Kate also has a talent for getting me in the kitchen, which is, of course, a weird thing. Since I don't cook at all. Though I'm considering starting. Considering. Last week Kate and I went to U bookstore (which is a whole other blog post, how much I love that place!) for a reading by this extremely charming blogger, who wrote one of those books that I like, which sort-of defies categories, it's got recipes and little vignettes, you know? Someone's life in food.

Mostly Kate gets me into the kitchen by cooking for me, and I'm thinking about that, about the people who feed me, like Kate, and Dad (mmm pork chops!) and Mom and various lovely ladies associated with my writing group. Katherine and her excellent chicken soup, dinners at Peggy's, even Tami, who claims not to cook, has fed me sweet things made by her own hand. Rice Krispy Treats totally count! Not to mention Pam, and her roast chicken and ceviche and thai shrimp and more. I'm just thinking, I'd like more of that home cooking thing, even if it means I have to do it myself.

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Jessibell said...

I am with you there! Kev came here talking about my cooking, licking his lips. Then Jason mentioned my my guacamole... I had my mom go into storage and send me all my spices. They arrived the other day. I was thinking I miss cooking. But I always cooked for other people. No correction, I always cooked for boys (minus my deviled eggs for Kate) and I have no boys here to cook for. I know almost no boys here. Ha ha time for a change of habit!