Friday, May 22, 2009

Sweet Freedom!

Hopefully, the weekend will look something like this. Don't we look relaxed?

This weekend we have our first trip away from the boys... to a wedding in Florida. Not to disparage the boys, but I am PSYCHED!

We planned it so very long ago that it sort of just crept up on me. Maybe because Memorial Day is so early this year? I actually thought it was next weekend. That should explain just how out of touch with reality I am. Continuous sleep deprivation (thanks for teething this week, boys) will do that to you.

In any case, we are flying down to Palm Beach tomorrow morning. I have my boho wardrobe all planned:
  • Liz Hurley caftan beach cover-up? Check!
  • Jack Rogers Sandals? Check!
  • Gold Bernardo Sandals? Check!
  • Over-sized tortoise-shell sunglasses? Check!
  • Violently yellow, lime and orange vintage Lilly Pulitzer dress? Check!
  • White jeans? Check!
  • Fuscia DVF chiffon halter top? Check!
Obviously, color is playing a big role in my style choices.

Of course, none of this really matters because my big plan is to sleep. A lot. In our room, by the pool, on the beach... wherever... just sleep. Without babies to wake me. Or keep me awake, as has been more common lately.

No diapers to change, no meals to prepare, no baths to give or pj's to put on. No bottles, no teething, no reading time, no crying. For 48 whole hours.

Of course, by Monday morning that list will be revised to: No wet sloppy kisses! No delicious little fingers! No desperate hugs!

But, in advance, I want to thank Carolyn for these 48 hours because, as much as I will be missing the boys at the end of them, right now I am looking forward to rest, relaxation and some quality time with the husband.

And maybe a strawberry daquiri. Or two.


Heather said...

I'm really wanting some photos of those outfits. What color Jack Rodgers? I need to buy my annual pair. Maybe turquoise this year.

Dakota said...

how was it!???!!!