Monday, May 04, 2009

What I've Got

Versions of things. Things in process. A messy car. Food in the fridge, finally. Vegetables. Ice cream. Overdue library materials. A lot of black cardigans. Extra furniture. Books to read. Unusually good girlfriends. A jump start on Mother's Day.

Still have a box of goodies to send to the boys, way way after their birthday. A date with dad for HIS birthday. Four hours of meetings tomorrow. A desire to curl up on the couch under a comforter with a movie I've already seen. One where the female lead is wearing a lot of delicious outfits and the male lead is wry and clever. I'll take a big bowl of buttered popcorn with that. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

A whole day to jump on mothers? "Jump on Mother's Day". Yikes! Ha, ha.
Thank you for the visit, fabulous lunch/dinner, cookies, movies, and all. Let's do it again soon.

Jessibell said...

can i make you popcorn... i am really good at popping those little guys without a microwave!