Friday, June 05, 2009

It Was So Clear It Was Almost Invisible

I often know whose live show will be good. That was a gift from Elvis. And that's why Sunday night was Jenny Lewis at the Showbox, and tonight was Neko Case at the Paramount. Jenny wore those high-waisted jeans again and used every inch of herself to seduce us. Neko brought a giant owl, a flickering moon, irreverence and white vinyl records to sell. I bought one of course, and one of the guys who asked about it turned out to be a local guy, class of '89 like me, friends with my friends. He told me that Elvis was the kind of guy you could drop in on a mountaintop in a loin cloth, and he'd survive. And love it. He wasn't completely wrong about that.

Tomorrow, Spokane.

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K said...

nice shiny seat!