Tuesday, June 09, 2009

White jeans? Check!

You can't see them, but there are gold sandals under there...

So I feel like perhaps you are owed a report on our weekend in Florida... our marvelous, fun-filled, rain-soaked, too-short weekend in Florida.

It was weird leaving the boys, that goes without saying. Thomas woke up to bid us goodbye, but Max slept right through.

We had a 6 AM flight (a horrible, horrible plan) and planned to get in early enough to have a whole day to ourselves before the wedding. Unfortunately, thunderstorms kept us in the air, or on the ground in lovely Fort Meyers, Florida for most of the day.

We arrived in time to grab a late lunch, a quick nap and get ready for the wedding. Not exactly the leisurely day I was looking forward to, but seeing as how there were no babies crying, no babies asking for bottles, no babies needing to be chased down or entertained and no dirty diapers to contend with, it was actually kind of heavenly.

I hope that doesn't sound like I don't absolutely adore the boys, but the break was nice!

The wedding was charming, on a bluff overlooking the ocean with dinner and dancing and lots of champagne. I also had my first martini in 5 million years and that was tasty.

We were seated at the 'NYC Friends' table - though we only knew one other person. As it turned out, there was a couple who lives across the street from us in Washington Heights! They were delightful and I have already had them over to dinner once.

It was a late night - though I demurred from attending the wedding afterparty in the newlyweds' suite. I really really really wanted sleep. So that was what I did.

Sunday morning we lounged around until we had brunch with the newlyweds. Our room was really comfortable, with a gorgeous view of the ocean and a balcony. Café Au Lait and croissants, please!

Then we went on to the only 'cultural' activity in Jupiter, Florida - touring the lighthouse! It was a very nice lighthouse. With lots of stairs. And a giant mangrove tree out in front.

After, we went back to the resort and the beach and just lounged, drinking wine, reading and playing in the ocean. We went out to dinner - you'll be happy to know that I wore Lilly Pulitzer - and back for more sleep.

We had a very early return flight, which was - again - brutal. But we made it back. Perhaps a bit too soon... Obviously, it wasn't a super eventful trip - there was no rock climbing, kayaking or snow boarding... and the only epic part of it was dealing with the early morning flights. But it was nice to have some time alone, it was nice to see someplace new, and it was nice to have some relief from the constant percolating that goes on in my brain when I am caring for the boys.

And it was nice to get to wear my white jeans.

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Dakota said...

Hellooooo! You are svelt and gorgeous!...and I particularly like the scarf belt...I have been meaning to sport that look, but have been somewhat afraid, but now I have the courage.