Saturday, July 25, 2009

Baby Aspirin

I am always getting terrible photos of him, though he is lovely in real life. One of my friends recently said that when she met him, she felt like he was looking through her soul. He does have an eye, that's for sure, but whenever I turn mine on him, I seem to catch him startled or unprepared, and always always disheveled. The one above is my favorite now, because it somehow it at least catches his stature.

It captures the kind of night it was too. We didn't know where we were going, and the nicest part of it was the walking, not the being there. Court and I did sit on his stoop and talk for a while, and that was good, and I took photos of the ladies' shoes and T Lily's long legs, and we were all happy with the banana split I think, though we were so busy talking about other things that we almost forgot to mention it as our spoons scooped up the bruled banana, the marshmallow cloud on top of the little ice cream discs, the praline nuts. Later I walked into a room of Scatergories and a brunette in a summer dress called out to me, with a big smile, "New Girl!! Play for me! I just realized.. I'm too drunk to play!" and then I couldn't think up an item of clothing that started with I and envied Tim when he revealed his - intimates. Of course.

Even later, D and I met in the parking lot of the drive-in and he bought me a chocolate shake that I drank two sips of and we sat in my car catching up on our days. I was still in my work clothes and he was wearing the shoes from dinner at Cafe Juanita the night before. We had been so many other places during the day, but I was glad it all ended up there.

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