Wednesday, July 15, 2009

There were clowns

Max isn't quite sure what this is all about, but he likes the yarn pompom

So it goes without saying that I missed spending the fourth with you and Mom and Dakota and Clay and Joseph something awful. But I thought I should say it.

We did manage to have quite a fun time on our own Fourth of July though, in no small part due to Grandma Carolyn's sense of humor and diligent sewing fetish. For her community's little Fourth of July Parade (which was not so little, in fact) she whipped up clown costumes for the boys. Patriotic clowns. There is some symbolism and irony in that, but I'll let you sort it out for yourself.

She already had two adult patriotic clown costumes, but I declined the offer to wear one - in favor of Eugene. I just wore some jeans and a navy blue top to coordinate, along with the boys' color block wood bead necklace. I thought it was a pretty festive outfit, for me.

Thomas will go along with the clown thing, so long as he gets to carry the cowbell

It was pretty bloody hot, so I wasn't too put out about not having a million layers on. I did carry Thomas on my shoulders most of the way, but both of the boys were very cute about walking whenever we were passing by a particularly engaging crowd - in particular the Judges Table.

Thomas had found this old cowbell at Carolyn and Ernie's house and every time we put him down to walk, he just went crazy ringing it. It was guaranteed entertainment - the entire trip.

Eugene and Grandma Carolyn in their clown costumes...

We walked behind a dixieland band, which made the parade that much more fun for us. They were super lively and willing to let us perch on their flatbed if we got a bit worn out. It was quite a long parade.

Outdoor baby bath - like a car wash only cuter

When we got back to Carolyn and Ernie's, it was past time for the boys' nap but they were super sticky from the whole parade experience. I didn't feel like tromping them inside for a full-on bath, so we decided to just hose them off on the deck. It was hilarious.

Thomas was grinning and laughing and sticking his puffy little puppy belly out, but Max was on the run - laughing and hiding behind the deck furniture. It's crazy just how distinct their personalities are.

And it is getting more and more obvious all the time.

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Quite the funny 4th!