Monday, August 03, 2009

Carroll Boys Update

Thomas, where's Max's ear?

We've got two walking boys. It is exhausting, but it is also hilarious.

If I am sitting on the floor, Max will let out a wild whoop, throw his hands in the air and coming running at me, only to plant a big wet kiss on my face. I call it a Big Max Attack. Thomas will lift your leg up and down. While also saying 'up' and 'down.'

Or rather 'uuuuuhhhhh' and 'daaahhhhhhhhh'. In a very adorable sing-song-ey way.

Thomas, if you are walking down the street with him, wants to walk independently. Does. Not. Want. His. Hand. Held. Tummy sticking out. Marching along.

Max would like for you to carry him. Please.

They are feeding themselves now. Kind of.

Big person food. Pasta and broccoli. They like fish - go figure. Anything with a cheesy sauce. They like their eggs. And their waffles. They still love the yogurt.

And water - my god, I think they would drink the earth dry if we let them. They would like to hold their own - non-sippy, thankyouverymuch - cups. And spill the water everywhere.

They will sit and actually pay attention as you read them a story. Curious George is V. Popular.

As you sit, reading, Max will back his butt up into your lap. Thomas will try to turn the pages for you. Meaning to be helpful, of course. But there is a reason why all of their books have board pages still.

If you ask them to, they will bring you the big green ball. Or a book. Or their bottles. Or Thomas's new favorite stuffy - Mr. Cat. They might even offer you one of the binkies that we haven't bothered to wean them off of yet.

In the bathtub, they like to make big waves. They like the shower sprayer. Thank goodness they don't poop in the tub - because they like to drink the water like puppies.

Again with the water!

They are almost tall enough to climb out of the tub on their own.

Oh wait, nevermind, they ARE tall enough to climb out of the tub on their own.

They have lots of golden curls. Which I will not cut anytime soon. No matter how much their Daddy thinks they look like girls.

Those are my babies. Still.


Barb said...

This is wonderful. I love that they are such boys and yet they are so unique. Thomas walking down the street but not holding hands, his belly out front, and then Max wanting to be carried please... those are the things that say so much. Don't they just grow so fast and aren't they just so much fun and don't you just want to eat them up? It is absolutely without a doubt the most wonderful thing in the whole world.

And exhausting.

I love this post. As Sam would say "More please." Or he would scream and put his two hands together to make the more sign. Either way, the meaning is clear: MORE!!!

(BTW---Sam is almost 20 months and I have only trimmed his bangs... as evidenced by the recent ponytail picture. What's the rush? Let him be my baby for a while before he becomes a big boy.)

Heather said...

Sweetie guys! Can't wait to see them in September.

Dakota said...

love this stuff! it sounds like all our boys have alot in common, of course, like the independence and the long gorgeous curls, although Joseph is gettig tired of saying, 'I'm a cowBOY!'...still no haircut ever for him so far.