Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Summer, I'm not done with you yet.

Things left:

:: swimming ::
:: an island ::

What else to add?


P.Shaw said...

more lists and more photos of shadows.

Heather said...

Philip!! Am I boring you?

Anonymous said...

How about San Juan Island? or Victoria, BC? Of course you might want to spend a Friday night in La Conner. Get an early start on Saturday. This week end? Mid September?

Kate said...

Who's that shadow?

P.Shaw said...

no, quite the contrary. I like these lists. My OCD used to result in list making, I think it's nice – makes me a bit nostalgic. Oh, and I like your photos of your shadow. There is something poetic about To-Do Lists mixed with shadows. So, I was simply suggesting, you do more of both.

Heather said...

Oh! It was a suggestion not a statement! I get it now. Yes I would be delighted to do more.

Me, Kate, it's me!!

Kate said...

My favorite part of this picture is the shape of your sunglasses up on the tippy top of yr head.

Jessibell said...

lets cross swimming off when I get home!