Friday, August 14, 2009


I love it that the boys are inhabiting their own little world. Playing at something, though I obviously have no idea what.

I love that they are giving me the look that says 'Mama? What crazy thing are you talking about?'

I am not so crazy about the fact that they are totally disregarding me. The video after this one is - um - one I am saving for when they are older and need embarrassing.

Of course, I know this is just the beginning.


Barb said...

They are so much fun at this age. I love their curly hair. But my favorite thing is the mommy sigh at the end. :) I have not figured out how to get Sam to do what I tell him either. As a matter of fact, I think he's turning two 4 months early.

Dakota said...

oh how it is just the beginning of the 'be loving' refrain...why just only tonight by dear sweet Joseph pushed Iris away...hard...with his hand against her face, no less. Mmmm, did I mention it was her 1st Birthday?...
Then he stole her new baby doll and kicked Henry while he was down. Good night all around.

lisak said...

Babies! That was so much fun to watch. Keep enjoying them and hold on to that calm response. Can't wait to meet those boys.. ~Cousin Lisa