Monday, September 28, 2009

Happy Birthday P.S.!!

Hey guess whose birthday is today? Allison's!! Lurkers, er, I mean, quiet readers, are highly encouraged to leave a comment saying happy birthday. Without her, I would never have written my share of the 914 posts we have created here, and for that and many other things, I am very grateful.

So glad I got to see you just the other day, puppy! It was so fun, just like always. Can't wait to see you again. XOXOXO H


P.Shaw said...

Is "Lurker" the official term for blog patrons? Or... wait, Patron indicates customer... so, Blog Visitor = Lurker? I don't like it. I like to read and see good words and pictures and posts, but now that I am questioning my Lurker Status... Maybe if I declare my presence, leave evidence, state my name, I can feel less lurkey.

Happy-E! Birthday person I have never met. ;)

philip swanstrom shaw

Heather said...

Hee, ah, good question Philip, and oh no, perhaps I have offended our blog patrons!

Now you would be an example of a non-lurker, since lurker just refers to someone who reads a blog but does not comment, which is, let me be clear, a perfectly fine thing to do. Perhaps it's strange of me to think there's nothing wrong with the term lurker, but in this context, lurking on a blog seems like what most people do anyway!

But in ANY case, since you have provided us with many lively and lovely comments, you do not have lurker status, either way. :-)

P.Shaw said...

It just jumped out at me since I am writing about voyeurs, which are different than lurkers, but lots of people don't bother with nuance, do they? Maybe I fine my voyeurs more benign... it's all perspective. Speaking of which:

I don't have a BLOG, so I have to lurk. but, ahhhhhhh, thank you for the clarity. Now I can sleep. Now I can hold my head up high. Now I can look myself in the mirror and not be ashamed. ;) I feel... acknowledged and approved. ;) I am Lurker No More!

Barb said...

Happy Birthday, Allison. I don't know you but I know there are lots of people that are celebrating your existence... myself included since you allow me to peek through a window into Heather's life. Thanks to both of you for letting me lurk all these years. It's a very enjoyable place to hang out.

Allison said...

MWAH! A big kiss to you for thinking of me!

I promise I haven't disappeared from the blog world.


Jennifer said...

Happy belated birthday, Alison! i hope it was a wonderful day. Much happiness in the coming year.


Dakota said...

Happy belated Bday Missus! love you!