Wednesday, September 23, 2009

More Scenes from South Dakota

Well, obviously the old tyme picture you posted was the piece d' resistance, but I thought perhaps I would share a few of or more... domestic shots from the trip.

I love this photo because it looks like Grandma Ellen and the boys are running all over the house together. Not that they didn't love her, but I think they were really just stalking her for her walker. They had a lot of fun with the walker.

Out to dinner... the boys look so mild mannered, but you know what hellions they really were - spilling the water all over the place, dropping food on the floor, playing with knives. Oh wait, maybe I shouldn't have included that last part. But they were only butter knives, right? I didn't give them any steak knives!

The rest of the table - I wish I had gotten you in this shot with your cute dress. Or that I had taken a picture of you on the porch of the restaurant in that dress with the boys. That is the perfect picture from that evening, unfortunately it only lives in my head.

Grandma Lucia chasing Max on the streets of Deadwood. This is how I spend most of my free time - chasing the babies!

Thomas, enjoying lunch out in Deadwood. This is before we got the overcooked chicken. I think he liked the fries, though.

When we got home from Deadwood and the boys needed to cool off. Notice how Max is shying away from Thomas wielding the hose. He knows a dangerous situation when he sees it.

Yup, Thomas loves some good hose time.

At the water park. Another occasion where I wish I had taken more photos. But I find that when you have two toddlers and that much water around, taking photos is kind of the last thing on your mind.

Even if Auntie Heather is looking all smokin' in her bikini. That would have been a GREAT picture!

Packing up Sunday morning. Thomas enjoying my Oil of Olay, while Max gets some love from Grandpa Gary for Mr. Kitty.

We don't really pack them in the suitcase... at least not until they are two and we have to buy airplane tickets for them.

Getting read to by Auntie Heather. Love The Fur Family. Even if it is a little bit creepy. Margaret Wise Brown is the bomb!

Obviously, you are admiring his large head and adorable golden curls. Right?

Our attempt at a portrait with Grandpa. There were actually some more 'successful' ones. But I think this one says it all.

Finally, a picture with Grandma Ellen. I love it that she is looking at them in such a sweet way. The photos in this series have some of the happiest expressions I have ever seen on her face.

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Jennifer said...

I recently read Margaret Wise Brown's biography and it was quite stunning, sad, and made her books seem 'right' in this world. I highly recommend it.

Love the picture of your dad with your boys.

And yes, I know that I don't actually know you, but I do know your sister well and so love seeing her sister and family in action. :)