Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Napa Was Mad Glam


P.Shaw said...

wherever that is, I want to live there – minus the trucker hats. Can you still get away with trucker hats? Well, maybe in the informal situation.

So, funny. My only social outlet in Canada was drinks on the first night with an audio producer I have worked with for like ten years up here and being an audio guy we talked ad nauseam about the death of stereo components, reel to reels, and real amps, tuners and the like. People around me talk all the time about the death of vinyl and all that, but from the machine perspective... two turn tables and a microphone!

Anonymous said...

Good Morning from tokyo, where I can barely figure out how to use the computer without suddenly sending you Japanese characters! My royokan (inn) is lovely and my room is charming. No bathing suits, allison! the bathing is really lovely. So far so good. tokyo today, kyoto later today. bullet train at 175mph!
I can't do caps. :/
ps no email from kyoto : o

Heather said...


Glad to hear you made it safe - was just thinking about you this morning! Can't wait to hear more, hope you are taking photos for us.


PS Philip we are doing our best to keep vinyl alive!! But apparently it's so hard to get a record pressed that even Jay-Z can't get his done on time.