Monday, June 28, 2010

I Never Did Get Strawberries

not the mini-farm

The mini-farm is five days mine now. My first weekend there, I discovered that the Mt Vernon co-op stocks Lopez Island ice cream, and makes really good coconut rice pudding and has eleventy varieties of sparkling water. The roads there take you past strawberry farms and the kinds of old barns I love to photograph and a pasture full of mini-donkeys. You can go so many different ways, winging it without getting lost. It's a good reminder, really, when you're trying to figure out floor finishes and light fixtures. Many different ways to go, without getting lost. 


Barb said...

I will seriously pay you for a print of this photograph. Beautiful!

Katherine said...

I LOVE the Mt Vernon co-op. They have the best stuff there -- indonesian rice salad, gluten-free cookies, plenty of buffalo meat. They're awesome.