Thursday, August 19, 2010

What I Did Instead

On Saturday it was too hot to ride in the little red truck for long, so the yard sale shopping didn't last too long. I wilted on the couch once we got back to the mini-farm, my arm hanging over the side and Emmy kept bumping my hand with her nose, trying to get me to pet her. I just stayed there, drifting in and out of a nap. I might have eaten a popsicle, and arranged some yarn in the spare bedroom downstairs.

Later, I put on the gingham dress that looks like a picnic tablecloth and we all piled into my air-conditioned car to go to the fair. Even though the cows and kitties and cavies weren't lucky enough to have AC, I loved our night. It was all about the company. And hand-dipped corn-dogs. And soft serve ice cream. And the Skagit Rein Riders. And air-brushed t-shirts and allowances and county fair romances between teenagers and the farmboy who milked his goat with one hand and ate a cone with the other, and the bright colors the rides gave us for photos, and the kid who asked us "Hey, do you wanna know what it feels like in a rain forest?" There was a lot to love, but mostly the company. Definitely that. 

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