Saturday, February 18, 2012

Wet Feet

The snow is long gone, but it's still work keeping feet warm around here. My acupuncturist told me my last bad migraine came in with the wind, that I must wear a hat whenever I go outside on windy days. Sure enough, the wind came back today, and a migraine with it. They aren't as frequent these days, we've got something worked out with the yin energy, a good night's sleep, and winter warmth. 

The fields are filling up with puddles today, and the drainage ditches run like rivers. Tonight is Bingo at the elementary school, the annual fundraiser that keeps the lights on in our town. Last time, everyone won, and we all filed into the hall to eat little sandwiches the Ladies Club brought, potluck-style. Peanut butter and banana on white bread, tuna fish on wheat, egg salad. Lemonade made from powder. We sat on the folding tables and benches in the gym and a real auctioneer called out the bingo numbers.  This year Lisa is coming up, and I'll put on a dress, but tights too since it's cold, and of course, a hat. 


Bohemian Kate said...

That photo is too cute :)

Hila said...

I often get bad headaches from windy days too - for me it's to do with the itchy, watery eyes the wind causes.

What an adorable photo :)