Tuesday, May 15, 2012

At the Les Schwab in Ballard, there's probably always someone on an iPad. Up here in the valley, I'm the only one with technology more sophisticated than a pair of suspenders or a hearing aid. A couple of guys sit at a table chewing the fat, nothing but a coffee cup between them. I eavesdrop, of course, because they're talking about farming, who has standing water in their fields all winter and what that means. Who's trying to plant corn, but doesn't really grow corn that good. Another guy in the lobby is in the market for a new mower, needs the 500 series, something about the differential, so the guy at the counter introduces him to an old timer who turns out to be the owner of a shop. The owner cracks a joke about Oh well they got em down there to the Lowe's and all the guys in the lobby chuckle. There's something ok about going to the place where the farmers and farm equipment guys take their cars. 


Barb said...

I love the way you capture things. Place and time and speed and everything. So rich and dense and beautiful. I want to go there, and if I can't, you're words are a pretty nice substitute.

Sadie Rose said...

yay! we are psychic menu sisters. thanks for finding my blog, i'm very excited to read yours - i love your writing. XO

lisa s said...

what a nice scene you've conjured for me.

thanks for the comment on my blog. i'm really enjoying the newlyweds. it's subtle. with something boiling under the surface. and then it had big bangs of consequences... and then subtle again. definitely a good read ;)