Saturday, June 16, 2012

Most of gardening is this. The dandelions have all gone to seed already, but there is still creeping buttercup and catchweed bedstraw, vetch, broadleaf dock, horsetail and thistles. Everything tells you a little about what is wrong with the soil, and we chip away at the problem with soil from the compost pile that Tom manages, or the big bags of Harvest Supreme I keep coming home with. The pea vines are doing okay though, and helping the soil as they do. The raspberries are completely out of our control and the onions seem to be flourishing. The artichokes have finally starting to grow and now there are two tiny asparagus stems instead of just one.   

Tom says we can go to the Bellingham farmer's market tomorrow, but I can see that he is thinking about the starts that still need to be transplanted, and the piles of mail around the house that build up over the course of the week, not to mention the fact that there is still no riding lawnmower for the little less than an acre of grass that surrounds the house. I just want to wear sandals and get some breakfast from one of the food stands and maybe one of those mushroom growing kits, but maybe it's a coveralls kind of day instead. 


Barb said...


mckenzie said...

Have you read Secrets of the Soil? It gave me a new perspective on weeds. Thistle I'll never be okay with though, haha. Never.

Heather said...

I haven't read Secrets of the Soil, but I read about it somewhere, did you write about it? I need to check that out! I made the mistake of going out last night to weed around our new apple and cherry trees in my flip-flops, walking through the tall grass that hides, you guessed it, THISTLES! So I can reconfirm that thistles are never okay... ouch!