Wednesday, June 27, 2012

No cherries for the humans at the mini-farm this year. Doesn't look like the birds really got any either, though. I don't know what happened exactly, there were so many blossoms in the spring, then fewer little cherries, then what few there were just fell to the ground half-heartedly, meager little pale fruits. There's an answer to it, but this isn't the year for me to figure it out. 

The best garden things I've done this year are the bathtub greens garden and the pea trellis. Both are flourishing in a way that the sad little radishes and dormant squash seeds have not. One lesson I did learn from last year was to actually harvest things, as opposed to gazing at them, paralyzed by wonder that anything actually grew. This is how you end up with a lot of bolted plants! Just another reminder to  always use the good stuff. 

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Anonymous said...

Great insight! 'Us the good stuff." My new motto.
Actually, everyone has had a bad fruit season due to lack of pollination due to rain at the wrong time! So no fault of yours. :-)