Friday, August 31, 2012

The Rest

There's time for one last coat of summer nailpolish, one summer pedicure. The artichokes are flowering,  but it's going to take the loppers to get them off the plants and into the house for a vase. I don't know if there will be a fall crop of kale or not, though I did plant one. There are late raspberries and tiny strawberries and big blackberries and the little salad patch I planted in the old bathtub seems practically indestructible, no matter how many times I go out and haphazardly chop off a chunk of them at the roots. We will probably get another half dozen small tomatoes, and maybe some summer squash, though the little pattypans don't look like the UFO shape I've come to expect from them. Always, always there is sorrel.

I bought a new bathing suit that I haven't even tried on yet, and I haven't had nearly enough french pastry lately. My summer vacation was at home, a notebook filled with summer things to be done, house projects and iced coffee experiments. I loved both the checking off of items, and the having things left. July went on with more of the to-dos taken care of, more rolled into August, late afternoon naps, Moonrise Kingdom in the theater just a few weekends ago, and tomorrow, finally, summer nailpolish.

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