Monday, April 24, 2006

Back into the Breach

I'll get to the meme.. I will, I swear - though I know you'll be shocked and horrified by the things I have read, would read... and don't care to read.

Tonight I am going back to the NY Cares Art Explorers program. Imagine a gymnasium full of 8-12 year old girls... with all the love/hate and chaos that infers... and you have a pretty good indication of what the evening will be like.

I wish I felt more enthusiastic, but today is one of those gray, rainy New York days, where every room feels like a cave and the skies outside are the color of putty. If I could, I would be home curled up in bed with some mindless drivel of a novel and a gallon of hot chocolate.

Any hoo, tonight we'll be making pinhole cameras and, since I've never made one despite four years of art school, it should at least be educational.

And maybe I can get Eugene to order sushi for dinner, since I doubt I will have the wherewithall to go grocery shopping after.

Sushi always makes me happy.

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