Monday, April 24, 2006

More wishing

Hi there,

It's a beautiful sunny day here, like the day we went kayaking around Orcas, but the feeling of the day for me isn't the same at all.

I'm glum today. It was a pretty nice weekend - Kirstin and I walked in Discovery Park with her dog and my baby Rhone for 2 hours on Saturday. Didn't really mean to walk that long, but we sorta got lost. Then on Sunday I drove to Bellingham to see Chris Gerston and his wee baby Avery. I gave her a sweater I made for her - pink with a nice star button on it. I wish I had taken a picture. But first I need to get a camera.

But I didn't really sleep last night, and that's terrible for the mood. I don't know why I didn't. I passed the middle of the night time by reading good Ron Carlson stories from his book "A Kind of Flying", and just sort-of felt sorry for myself. I was very slow getting ready for work this morning, and I lingered in the coffee shop, because you know, baristas are your friends. They care about you PERSONALLY, you know, just like bartenders, right? I lingered long enough to forget the scone I bought. I just left it sitting on the counter I guess. That was sad.

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