Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Good things come from blogs

Dear Allisod,

You missed me today. I know you did. So I will post AGAIN, even though it's your turn. I am sure you are busy with very important things.
Here you see one of the things I was seduced to buy over the internet. There's a blog I like called Bird In Hand, and Lisa, who writes the web site, makes all sorts of crafty things. Some illustration, some fabric things. Log cabin pillows like the ones you see here are a specialty. This one was custom made for me - I just asked for something with lavender, so that it would go well in my boudoir, and told her that I love birds and words and Paris. So you can see all of those things in the pillow, AND she put the words "Extra Fancy" in there too. And I am. Extra Fancy.

Have a good night!


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