Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I did miss you! I did!

Dear Heater,

I have not been feeling well all week and, as you well know, I have been having some annoying work complications... on top of that I am trying to get a freelance project and a Statement of Qualifications for our Dad out.

I love the blog... I love blogging... but I am a little whipped right now.

I miss you very much. All of the time. I wish we could go out to dinner tonight at the Fork Restaurant, which took over that cool space across from the Harvard Exit Theater (I saw it on Opening Soon - on the Fine Living Network). We could invite Dakota too, and just the sight of you and her (and her happy baby bump) would make me happy.

Unfortunately, I will be working tonight on a newsletter for American Express - woohoo! Gotta pay the mortgage, right? But I will try to summon some more bloggy-ness.

In the meantime, a bird for you!


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