Friday, April 28, 2006

Location location location

Hi there.

I open lots of emails that way. Hi there. You are there, I am here. Hi over there.

Today's photo is the lovely Mirah. As lovely as she is, though, this photo is really about me (as they all are) and where I'll be tomorrow. Mirah is sitting on my little window seat - a chaise longue where I've got my knitting and can reach my laptop, and have a little table for a nice cup of tea.

Thanks for your call last night. Don't worry too much about me, and don't wonder what must be going on to fuel my gloomy mood. There isn't anything new or surprising, it's just grief, long-delayed, for a chunk of time spent loving someone who maybe wasn't the most rewarding person to love. It will pass, but it has to be slogged through. So I'm slogging.

I can't see the second photo in your post!

I wish you had hamsters in Vermont instead of beavers. I want a hamster. What would my hamster's name be, do you think? Maybe Sparky.

Have a great weekend! XOXO H over here

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