Friday, April 28, 2006

Things You Can Tell Just By Looking at Me

So tired!

The place with the beds was pretty fantastic, so I am a bit worn out today. I will be napping on the way to VT.

There was a fortune teller there and, of course, I had a tarot card reading. Apparently I am a hard worker and a strong woman in the home. D'oh.

I didn't know about the Poem in Your Pocket thing, til I saw your post. Poor ignorant me, I have no poem!

This is a boring, slow day and - to make it worse - I have to edit through 100+ amateurish, awful photographs.

However, this weekend is a big kayaking festival and maybe I will make it back into a boat! Or at least have some of our paddling friends over for barbeque.

Or maybe I will sleep all weekend. In the new bed that Euge built us.

I will have to post pictures of it because it is V. cool . and made of whole trees that were felled by our nasty little beavers. The beavers are a blessing and a curse. They maintain the dam that makes our pond... but they eat all our trees! We have tree carcasses lying everywhere!

Maybe Eugene will make us more furniture.

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