Thursday, April 27, 2006

What You Need…

Baked eggs are yummy and easy with a ramekin, some creme fraiche and cheddar... but just as yummy are eggs made with these egg rings in a regular frying pan... with some cheese on top, on an english muffin...

However... my favorite cooking item is my le creuset dutch oven. I make stews, roasts and yorkshire puddings in it. It has the best heat conduction - so it doesn't matter if you are using gas or electric or even a campfire - everything cooks yummy. And you can put it directly in the fridge and then straight to the oven to heat up leftovers.

Of course, if it's fall in Colorado, I don't know if you'll want stews so much... and how close is the nearest grocery store?

I think it's great that you will have the time to go and really make a break from the humbrum world of corporate america. When you're done in Colorado, you could always cabin-sit in Vermont... Haha

A Haiku to Pam's Ranch

Be a place apart
A haven for strays; human, dog
A horizon now

ps. Dutch oven... I like a dutch oven... Bwahahahahahaha

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