Thursday, April 27, 2006

10 Random Things

Ella is counting the random things for us. She is Kristin's adorable daughter. I just love her and her green hands.

  • 1. I've been listening to "The Things They Carried" by Tim OBrien while I drive to work. Amazing book. It's a series of linked stories about a group of soldiers in VietNam. It starts with a lot of the stories being told through a list of the things they carried. I'm not big on war stories, but this is good.

2. My CEO came in to my office today and asked me about two ideas he had. His parting words as he left my office were - "So I asked you two questions, and your answers were "no, and no". Fortunately, he was laughing as he said this.

3. Here's a link to some gorgeous photos and poems put together by someone on flickr. I love these random things I find on blogs.

4. I was supposed to get together with two girlfriends tonight but we all flaked, so I get to go home to my messy apartment and watch TV and knit and cry.

5. I'm feeling very sad these days.

6. I'm admitting that I'm feeling sad because most of the time I am too stubborn to admit that I am, to stubborn to let myself be sad. But it's time for sadness. To let the black dog of grief that Denise Levertov wrote about come in from the cold and be my protector for a while.

7. Sashimi for lunch today.

8. This morning I got out of bed determined to completely enjoy my coffee beverage this morning. I told the cute barista (so cute, must be over 6 feet, and young with sandy blond hair and a big wide smile that he gives me every morning without fail) how much I was looking forward to my coffee, and he was happy and filled it up as full as a latte cup can possibly be, so that the pretty patterned milk made a little dome on top.

9. "This latte is plush!" I said.

10. I do not have a good outfit on today. I felt plain, so I am wearing an old Gap black cotton ribbed zip-up cardigan, boring jeans, and black flats with a little buckle on them and worn toes that need a polish.

That's ten for you!

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