Wednesday, May 31, 2006

It Ain't Fleet Week, But It Was Still Fun!

What can I say about Fleet Week? You've made me proud.

Susan and I decided we needed our own adventure last Friday, so we set out for the coffee shop with cupcakes (where the slogan is "Legalize Frostitution!") and pretended it was our birthdays. We wore hats and everything. First we had sushi, then one coconut cupcake and one lavender! The closest I came to Fleet Week boys was one guy looking through the window at me and mouthing the words "Happy Birthday!" Must admit I felt a bit guilty when that happened, but no harm no foul.

Sorry I don't have more at the moment, I gave notice yesterday and work is crazy and I have a manuscript deadline tomorrow! Yeeks!


1 comment:

Allison said...


Don't feel guilty about the 'Happy Birthday' guy - he was probably all giddy afterwards thingking I just said happy birthday to a cute girl.

I love the 'Legalized Frostitution'. People are so clever. I wish I was that clever.

Obviously, I need to smoke more pot.