Friday, June 02, 2006


So this weekend my darling husband has a business trip to Toronta and I am left alone in the big city. It works out well because my closets need a major cleaning and - since it is also supposed to rain - I might actually motivate to do it! Cross your toes and light a candle for me.

However, it's my other plans that led to the title of this post.

Saturday, I am going to see my friend Brooke and her baby Declan again. And my heart will fill with envy over his gorgeous yummy toes and plump. delicious cheeks. And I will want to tuck him under my arm and run away with him to the Maggie B, where I can feed him giant peaches.

Sunday, I am going to meet up with my friend HK and go climbing at the gym - which should be entertaining in the most awful 'Oh how the mighty have fallen' way. Then we are going for brunch at Cookshop, which is my current most favorite brunch location - if I can just remind myself to refrain from ordering too much food because it all sounds so delicious.

Then we are going to Washington Heights so that I can see her newly renovated gi-normous apartment. A two bedroom pre-war combined with its one-bedroom neighbor - overlooking the Hudson. In a 1910 gorgeous brick tudor. Around 2,000 square feet I am guessing. And my heart will fill gain with envy for its size, views, old-world charm and brand-new amenities.

I have a very good life. I have a cheap-ass apartment that is molto convenient. I have a weekend house. I have a good job and a great husband and family and friends that love me.

I just hope I don't turn green this weekend.

What are you doing? Is the Professor in town yet?

ps. I am SUPER excited for you - giving notice and everything. You make me proud!

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Heather said...

I LOVE the Maggie B!!