Friday, June 02, 2006

The Hair I Wanted When I was Seven

Hello dear,

If I was trying to stay anonymous on this blog, this would be the perfect photo. Susan took it the night of the cupcake caper.

On that particular night, I was feeling smug, thus the "Hair I Wanted When I Was Seven" title. But it's true! I do have the hair I wanted when I was seven! It's comforting on a day when I bought a 6-pack of Orange Blossom Beer at lunch (please note: I did not DRINK it at lunch!) and my cute 6'2", 26 year old co-worker made fun of me because the cash register screen said "Checker verified over 21", even though the checker didn't actually ask me for ID. I guess I can accept that now that I am 14 years away from 21.

As for the envy - be happy you can visit HK without having her mortgage, and happy that you can pet the chubby baby without, you know, all that baby stuff, specifically the stuff that makes women cry out of sheer frustration and exhaustion.

No prof in town. I'm off to Santa Fe tomorrow morning though, and it's a glad thing I wrote this, since I realize now that I have not printed out my e-ticket. I'm completely unprepared! I do know I'm packing the madras skirt and the socks I'm knitting, and beyond that, what else do I need to know? I'm looking forward to walking on Canyon Road, avoiding the cheesy galleries and enjoying the few I like, drinking coffee, sitting in the sun, eating some fancy meals, etc.

Hopefully lots of photos when I get back on Tuesday!

love you!

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