Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Mmmmm.... Cheddar Grits...

I hope you had a fun trip to Santa Fe! It sounded like you had the right kind of plans for a nice relaxing long weekend.

I did manage to succeed in cleaning out our closet. It was as monumental and frightening a task as I imagined, but somehow I persevered. And now our closet is in order - which makes me feel happy in an existential Feng Shue kind of way. Now if only Eugene could sort throught the 15 sweaters of his that I have never - in SEVEN YEARS - seen him wear... then I could go to Goodwill and be done with all the clutter.

No baby visit. Bummer.

Sunday I went to the gym and flailed around on the rock wall. Pathetic. Pathetic. Pathetic. Then I went to brunch at ACME and undid all of my good gym work by having cheddar grits. I heart cheddar grits.

After brunch we wandered around NoHo and even into the Sigerson Morrison Shop. And may I say that they had nothing nearly as cute as the boots you are wearing in the photo below. I was sad because I was hoping to feel motivated to blow some cash. But, alas, I held onto my cash.

After that (it was a loooooong day) we went up to Washington Heights to visit my friend's apartment. And it was huge. And the renovation was spot on - still period detailing but clean and updated with a GORGEOUS kitchen.

THEN we went to look at apartments ourselves. All two bedrooms around 500K. And my life was changed. They were so huge and beautiful. And the neighborhood is so leafy and green with lots of park space and kidlets running around. It's a bit suburban but you are still on the island.

See photo above

This is Hk's complex, where we saw an apartment. It is a gorgeous, rambling community with gardens and cheerry trees. The apartment was a hilarious place that had been decorated in the 60's with a lot of faux-tudor intentions. Eugene kept saying "It's just like the Canterbury on Capitol Hill! Dakota and Clay would love it!" And I think he was right.

It was the perfect place to have a move-in party so that everyone can have a laugh at the lunatic wallpaper and then redecorate with your own taste - rather than being stuck with someone else's newly-renovated taste

Eugene isn't ready to move from the shoebox just yet, but I am getting really close. I don't look forward to the mortgage (an apt observation on your part) or long subway rides. But I would like to be in an apartment with more than two doors. And views. And a neighborhood that feels like a home rather than an extension of student housing.

So I won't be buying any shoes at Sigerson Morrison... I'll be saving that cash for a down payment.

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