Wednesday, June 07, 2006

I Can Still Go To an ART Opening Even If I'm Not In New York


I have big plans this evening. This great artist, Chris Crites ( does these paintings on, you guessed it, paper bags! Lots of them are mug shots, mostly a larger format than the picture you see above. The picture you see above is stamp-sized, and yes, that is the ex.

At an art benefit a while back, I saw little postage stamp mug shots that he had done and I LOVED them. I thought it was so funny to do something that looked like a stamp, only instead of illustrious personages such as Presidents and Distinguished Figures, there were the faces of criminals. So I commissioned the stamp above for a present for Steven. Back in the day, when, you know, he got presents from me. Needless to say, the Bacon Thief loved his mug shot.

Chris is having an opening tonight at the coffee shop across from the Harvard Exit, so I'm going to go check out his new work. His latest series is really intriguing. Instead of the petty criminals and 80s icons that he was doing for a while, he has painted mug shots of people arrested during the Civil Rights movement. On his web site, you can see Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks, I believe.

Should be fun! And I think his pieces tend to cost less than a pair of Sigerson Morrisons.

Did you know that the median price of a house in Seattle is now about $450k? Just as a frame of reference, the 2000 sq ft rambler that Karl and I lived in used to always be valued at almost exactly the median home price.

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