Monday, May 22, 2006

Poetry and sock madness continues

Hi there,

How was the weekend? Are you feeling better?

My weekend was fine. Had the Skagit River Poetry Festival on Friday night in LaConner, which I enjoyed.

The headliner rock star poet of the night was Billy Collins, and it was interesting to hear him read, since you felt like you got some insight into what it must be like to be a full-time poet in every sense.

He talked about how he likes to write haiku, just as a little poetry exercise, and how once he started, he would see and hear haiku everywhere. One example he gave was a haiku he heard on a college campus. Two young women walked by him, and he heard one say to her friend,

And when he found out,
he was like "oh my god", then
I'm like, "oh my god"

We were at the LaConner middle school listening to him, in their big gym, and he called our attention to the fact that while he was listening to the other poets, he noticed that the scoreboard and a poster below it also made a haiku. Then he read it to us. I can't remember exactly what it was, but hearing a scoreboard read as haiku made the whole room laugh.

I continued my sock-making madness over the weekend as well. I've cast on for the second sock in Walter's pair (featured earlier on this blog) and am also going to cast on for 3 or 4 new socks, so that I can send the next sock recipient in the writing group some photos to choose a sock pattern from.

I delivered Pam's rainbow socks to her on Thursday. They ended up looking similar to this. Pretty mismatched, but gorgeous colors. We had a great dinner out on Thursday at Palace Kitchen - until 1AM! I had white asparagus with a butter boached egg and potato crispies. So delicious, but the rhubarb mille feuille dessert was the highlight for me. I got to see the dogs that I'll be living with in October. Gorgeous creatures. They look like dragons, or something from a Jim Henson movie.

What are you doing for the long weekend?


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