Monday, May 15, 2006

A post from a top 10 blog

Hi there,

I haven't linked you to any of my favorite blogs yet, but today I thought I would. Posie Gets Cozy is a great blog written by a crafty woman in Portland who sells her lovely crafty things out of a shop there called Ella Posie. She's a great blog writer! She makes it look very easy, as though she is just having a little chat with you, but she has written some of the most moving posts. Just TRY to read her posts about the serious accident she had that left her bed-ridden for a long time without feeling tears well up in your eyes, both in pain at what this person (who very quickly starts to feel like someone you know, after reading just a few postings) had to go through, and at her very touching gratitude for the life she has and the people who helped her. It's saved on my Bloglines (as well as 23 other posts that I like from her) because it's the sort of thing that reminds one of the Big Picture. Good if you are feeling petty.

The post I am linking to today is just about blogging. It's like reading a good book about writing, inspiring and thought-provoking and I though you might enjoy it.

Go here to read it.

I like to confess to friends and acquaintances that I am an avid blog reader, and most of my friends think that's a little odd, one of my little quirks. Like the obsessive knitting, or my Veronica Mars fascination. But for me the blog thing has been some silliness and fun, but also a really satisfying world to peek in on.

I think people think the blog world is odd because it seems voyeuristic to read someone else's blog, to think things and feel things about a person you have never met (sort-of like our fascination with famous people). But I think it's radically different from reading US Weekly, because we are invited in to the blog world.

I also think the blogs I like end up having a certain kind of prayer inherent to them. Behind each of the blogs I enjoy is one human who is working on creating a life, a world that is something they can be proud of. That human is also usually working hard at being grateful for her life (yes, they are all women that I read so far) and at being happy.

Noble pursuits!

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