Monday, May 15, 2006

Scarlet shares my fashion sense

So, you know how my new fashion ideal is the 70s mom? With the wrap skirts, and big hoop earrings and things? Don't you think Scarlet has the look going on with the whole kerchief thing she's rockin?

In my pursuit of 70s mom fashion, I bought several of those safari-type shirts, you know, the kind with the pleated breast pocket, very narrowly cut, and best of all! the little button tab on the sleeve that lets you roll the sleeve up above your elbow. So chic! I bought two in a very light cotton, one brown, one sort-of light aqua green, and then a black jersey version that has the breast pockets, AND laces up the front and has the little epaulet-type things on the shoulder. Love all these shirts, would wear them every day if I could!

I also bought the first season of V Mars on DVD. I couldn't help myself.

How was your weekend?


Allison said...

Did you notice that I was rocking a headband that looks like a scarf? I too am on Scarlet's fashion train.

Anonymous said...

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