Friday, May 19, 2006

Stuffed Up Id My Head

I am sick sick sick today.

Congested, sneezy, ache-y and miserable.

And yet, here I sit at my desk. Boss is out sick, Admin is out on vacation, and soon-to-be-departed co-worker is taking vacation so here I am.

Miserable miserable miserable me.

To answer you questions:

1) Title of Bio: Mummy, I want a Candelabra: Tales from my delusions of grandeur

2) The last good book I read.... hmmmm... I really enjoyed the Julie/Julia book - does that count? Right now I am reading The Cardinal's Cap, which is a look at the life of one of Lucretia Borgia's sons. It's interesting because the author basically found all of the financial records and accounting from his household and is using that as the thread of the story. I just found it at the library. I also picked up Another Bullshit Night in Suck City, but I haven't been able to start it yet.

3) The best breakfast of my life was on my honeymoon. Euge and I were staying at a hotel in Grenada that was a converted convent and we had a private balcony. Sitting out there, with our delicious breakfast in the sunlight. See picture above of silly husband serving coffee.

4) My favorite indulgence is video games. When we go to VT and it's raining (like last weekend) I play and play and play. I like to kill thing! I like to roll things up in my Katamari!

5) The fictional character I would like to date is... ummm... geez... with all the snot in my head I can't even think... later on that.

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