Thursday, May 18, 2006

Photographic evidence of Kristina, and some poetic evidence that Kristin will recognize

So funny about Kristina! I'm sad that I don't have more photos of me in her stuff. You have to let her know that I still have and wear a dress and skirt and top that she made for me. They are still gorgeous and still fit perfectly!
Now, here's your poem for the day:

We freshman read Greek tragedies, and sang in chorus in the Great Hall

I still wore long sleeves most of the time, and black, and glasses

My mother joked that after graduation, I would move to New York, find John John, get married

On the adobe balconies of the college, cats from the pound were dissected, kittens found inside

I cut my hair short. The professor with the Kennedy accent asked me
"What are you in mourning for?"

Evidence from my poetry workshop yesterday with Gary Short. The exercise was to write a quick poem (we had about 5 minutes) after the poems "1967" by Nick Flynn, and "1969" by Lance Larsen. I'm loving the workshop, it's a small group of us, four women, and Gary. He is very charming, funny and talkative, and there's something very gentle about him, which of course I appreciate since this whole poetry thing is a bit scary. The question that keeps rattling around my head is "how do you make a poem better?". I don't know why this seems like a more mysterious thing than "how do you improve your fiction", but it does.
More poetry workshop this afternoon. We are bringing in a draft of something we want to work on more, and I know just what is calling me. We get to hear Gary and Pam read tonight (Dakota will be there, yay!), and I finished Pam's socks, so I can check one knitting project off my list when I give them to her this afternoon.
This is my baby-like project, since the baby thing sure doesn't seem to be a path that's calling me at the moment. I'm interested in hearing more about that from you, but will have to ask questions later.

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