Thursday, May 18, 2006

Going Bridal

So my friend Kim is getting married (in Austin on Friday the 13th in October), and we went last night to order her dress. Where is she getting it, you might wonder? The answer is - Blue.

Yes, Blue of the kooky Christina.

I can never imagine that - given all of the women she meets by doing dresses - she would remember me, or you, or us. But she does. Vividly.

She asked me last night if you were married yet - she still remembers you coming in and mentioning the possibility of her doing your dress. And she talked about how she could never forget 'de crazy party you gave for de Oscarsss'.

I think you can imagine what that would sound like with her crazy accent.

Of course, I said 'wow, I can't believe you remember that - it was like ten years ago.' To which she replied 'oh no darlingk, it was more like fourteen - you were just a baby den.'

There was something mildly embarrasing about it, but she went on about how you were one of her first customers and how great it was for her to see me come in, 'all grown up now, and a lady.'

In the end it was sweet, though it made me feel a bit like someone who has stayed too long at the party formerly known as the East Village.

Any hoo, Kim's dress is going to be fabulous and, while we were there, the most adorable little bride came in to get her blush-colored, strapless, wasp waisted, full-skirted, tea-length gown fitted and it reminded me of the dress Audrey wore in Funny Face.

We all agreed that she was just about the prettiest thing ever, and said a little prayer that her outdoor wedding doesn't get rained out on sunday.

It's funny that this happened right after you posted the picture of Kirsten and her son. It's amazing to me how much things have changed since that time, when we were all here. All the good things that have come into our lives - even out of bad things.

But it's also amazing to me that I still feel at the beginning of a path. I still don't know, any better than I did then, what I want to be when I grow up. Sometimes I still feel like I am waiting for some universal signpost to appear and say THIS WAY!

Maybe I feel this way, the top-of-the-rollercoaster-feeling, because I would like to have a wee baby of my own. Not that a baby is any sort of universal signpost - or maybe it is. Did you read the short story 'Adina, Astrid, Chipewee, Jasmine' in the New Yorker last week? My internal GPS seems to be leading me in that terrifying/wonderful direction.

I have to think upon your questions... they are kind of daunting, but I will get back to you on them.

Back to the grindstone for my nose!


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