Friday, May 05, 2006

Thou Art Kidding

You, you get to go to Oregon.

Whereas I, I will be driving to Virginia.

It's Mother-in-Law's 60th birthday and we're trekking down for a surprise (sssssshhhhhh! Good thing noone reads our blog!) birthday party.

In order to conceal the party from her we get to go to Colonial Williamsburg and boy am I excited! People in costume! Drinking ale from tankards! I could pee my pants (or skirt rather, I am at work, you know) just thinking about it!

Do you think Euge will mind if I rent a costume? Can you rent a costume? It seems like you should definetly be able to rent a costume. And ride a horse. I should definetly get ot ride a horse, or at least ride in a carriage. And I hope they have mead or ale. Though we're going on sunday morning, so maybe mead or ale would be a bad idea.

Or maybe I should just behave myself so that when summer rolls around, and all the rennaisance fairs are on, I can sucker him into going to one with me. He's never been to one with me... so that could be a true test of our marriage.

Especially when I try to get him to wear tights.


Tonight is Cinco de Mayo and all the young singletons in my office are stoked to go out and get their Margarita on. I will be going home and lazing on my couch. We leave at 5 AM tomorrow.

Plus, I don't know where my sombrero is.

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Anonymous said...

I'm reading. I have been keeping up on the front but decided to snuggle up with my flannel blanket and figure out how we got where we are. I still haven't figured out how the ranch came into play. Maybe that's coming.